Sunday, March 14, 2010

Banana Head 'In The Tubs' cassette

I’ve probably listened to this tape 5 or 6 times, it accompanied me on a ferry over to Philip island and I listened to it on the porch in the evening breeze looking at the bushes swaying and stretch of water in the distance. From the movies of Pen-ek/Wong Kar Wei, colourful textures wash at the shore romantic in a distant community. This tape is a series of simple ballads, lulling, the rhythms repeated an almost throb, guitar chords spread out. The songs are perfectly constructed and the hooks are so effective, the vocals are comforting in their distance but so perfectly calculated and handing down the story surely. But so mournful. Everything on the tape is so consistent but the tricks in the song writers trick bag surprise strangely, the way he sings on “You’re Mine” almost honky tonk along like a trombone. Welcome to the world of Banana Head, the world of a childrens toy that tells the kid stories of his experiences secretly. My favourite pop tape. $$9

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