Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lamps 'Niels Bohr was an excellent ping pong player' 7inch


Single out on Texas label Dull Knife who brought us the new Rosemary Krust 7" and some other real nice stuff i've heard by The Wiggins, Richard Youngs, Circuit Des Yeux etc. Dull Knife is a mysterious character itself, and here we are with KNIFE016. Lamps is a fantastic band name I like it a lot. This is my first taste of them but I know they’ve done a lot of stuff that people dig. I only found them out recently and due to the name was instantly curious. Here they present ‘Niels Bohr was an excellent ping pong player’ and ‘I’ve been on a lot of camels’. They play sturdy throbbing rock for guitar bass drums, vocals are grunted, but it all has such a nice touch, subtle and perfectly crafted for such a raucous energy. Bass and drums basically pound, the guitar too until it unhinges but never to a point of lost control until the outro that is. There’s a lot of vary here but its all subtle, yet this is a rock monster, relentless, purpose, while boozing and loping in the couch. Barking from the stool at the library circle, everything you thought and felt in a moving piece of literature. I’ve only heard a few songs and something keeps drawing me back in. Addictive! $$9