Sunday, March 14, 2010

Taco Leg 'Freemasons Hall' 7inch

Here we go, Australia has some great punk experiment energy. They wouldn’t admit it but this band is arty. Andrew sits into his vocal pitch and drills his lyrics in and it effects like nothing before, especially with the extremely repeated yet carefully varied guitar and drum constructions, it comes together at the taco leg. Architecture meets jam energy… Seeing the songs live on their recent visit to Melbourne ruled so hard. Ten times better than the recordings and this is one of my favourite records. There’s an urgency yet complacency in this band which caused the energy that led to me anticipating the record and tour so much that when I did see them play it was a huge buzz. Can’t wait to see where taco leg or any of their perth mates go soon. Sunbathing in Squalor closes the record in style. This 7” is a beautiful, charming listen. $$10

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